How to Pick Decals for Your Car

Whether you’ve just purchased a new car or are looking to revamp an older one, decals offer an exciting and relatively low-cost way to personalize. And since you can purchase virtually every type of auto decal you can imagine, it’s easier than ever for you to find something that suits yourself and your vehicle. Here’s how to choose the right decal.

Be Careful of the Color Scheme

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing decals, especially larger decals, is the color scheme. If you’re purchasing a decal to use as an accent on your car’s finish, a contrasting color is usually best. You wouldn’t put a maroon racing stripe on a red car, but black or even bright white would look nice. If you’re just buying smaller decals, like those sold by colleges and sports teams, the color contrast is less likely to matter.

Size Matters

Especially when buying large accent decals, make sure you consider the size of the decal and the size of your car. A decal that is made for a full sized car is likely to look comically large on a small coupe, and a decal for a smaller car likely will not make an impact on a larger car. According to Avis, standard size vehicles are smaller, with 4-cylinder engines, while full-size cars are usually larger, with a V6 engine. Before buying a decal, check its measurements and map them out on your own vehicle to make sure it will be a good fit for your car size.

Choosing Decals That Matter

While there are probably some people out there who buy decals for the sake of buying decals, most people prefer that a decal has some meaning behind it. Some people prefer buying memorial decals for loved ones, while others seek out decals from their college or favorite sports team. If you have a beloved pet, most decal stores make specialized pet decals, even for exotic or unusual animals.

Keeping Materials in Mind

If you’re just buying a very small accent decal, it may not matter if it becomes worn out over time. However, if you’re purchasing a larger decal like a racing stripe or similar item, considering the durability of the material is important. According to ND Graphics, vinyl car decals are made of two types of film, cast and calendered. While calendered film is thicker, it has poor durability and isn’t usually recommended for use on cars. Cast film is thin but durable, and when applied, it often looks like paint.

Decals are an exciting and often inexpensive way to customize your vehicle. By taking your time to choose a high-quality decal that’s the right fit for your vehicle and installing it correctly, you’re sure to enjoy driving in your custom-decorated ride.

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