DO I NEED A CURVE OR NOT?  Good Question!


If you windshield is flat like below DO NOT CLICK THE CURVE CHECKBOX 

If your windshield curves at the ends then CHECK THE BOX for the curve


Please use the following guide to measure your windshield so the correct size is ordered.

Step 1.  Measure 5 inches down from the top on either side and make a mark with a piece of tape or a dry erase marker.

Step 2.  Measure across the windshield from mark to mark.   This is your overall length.

Step 3.  Deduct 6 inches from the total from step 2.

The total from Step 3 is the Width of the space you have to install your decal.   You can now order any size decal up to this total width.

Measuring your windshield for decal stickers

The height is measured at the end NOT THE CENTER, from your line mark down to the height you want.

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