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Welcome to custom Sticker Shop, we are a family owned and operated business for over 20 Years.  We are located in Topeka Ks.  We employ retired military vets to help serve them as they have spent there life serving our Great Country.  Our window decal stickers are made right here in the USA.  We use US sourced High Quality Vinyl for our Die cut stickers, and Professional Digital Print Vinyl for our full color decals.

We pride our self on taking care of the customer.  We can not please everyone but we try.

You may find some designs on our site that do not fit your views but rest assure both sides of the coin are represented.  The designs are not necessarily the views or opinions of the owners and staff here at Custom Sticker Shop.

We are a Google Trusted Store with over 1 million decal stickers shipped worldwide.  We are also a PayPal Premier partner and a Square Trade Partner.

Disclaimer: Some logos and graphics on our web site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. They are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use. Any unauthorized use of these items by the purchaser shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing these logos, you are indicating that you have authority and permission to use the logo or trademark.
Many of the designs are submitted to us by customers and many others are Parody artworks protected under the United States Code – 17 U.S.C. § 107.and are in NO WAY related to produced or licensed by the respective brands they may depict. This information serves to prevent any confusion over a brands trademark or copyright

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