4 Ways to Increase a Vehicle’s Value Before You Sell It

Unlike most assets, vehicles tend to not only depreciate but to depreciate rapidly. It’s been said that cars depreciate the minute they leave the lot, and that is actually true. Therefore, when you decide that it’s time to sell, you might need to invest some hard work and money into your vehicle in order to get the most on your investment. Here are four ways you can begin increasing the value of your car.


Unfortunately, people tend to adhere to this tip a little too late. The reality is that in order to keep your car at the highest value possible, maintenance should be conducted on it since day one. Without routine maintenance, your car’s small issues can quickly become large and expensive problems. Note that even if you haven’t kept up with your yearly maintenance, you should still seek the advice of a professional to determine if it’s worth fixing or if you are simply cutting into your profits a little too much.

Dents and Dings

All cars have a certain number of dents and dings to them. From small to large, those can be a real eyesore and a reason for buyers to decrease an offer. You can begin to remove these by either purchasing DIY kits that allow you to pop out some of the more prominent dents or by simply taking your car into a professional who can completely remove these unsightly blemishes off your car.


If you are planning to post your car online for potential buyers to see, a very important part of that process is the pictures. Therefore, you must always make sure that before you upload any photos online that your car is as clean as possible. This means not only taking it in for a car wash but also using a little bit of elbow grease to remove liquid or food stains from the interior. Other issues to look out for are marks that you may have accumulated throughout the years, such as bumper or window stickers. Certain kinds of window stickers will leave a sticky residue behind after removal. It really depends on the material the sticker’s made of.

Mind Your Mileage

One of the most common things that buyers will ask you when looking at your car is how many miles it has. Understandably, you might have been using it for many years and thus have accumulated a fair number of miles on it. Most buyers will come to expect this. However, this does not mean you should keep adding to them between the time you place the vehicle up for sale and when you find a buyer. If you are fortunate enough to have a second car, then it is best to use that for transportation. If not, public transportation can also be a great alternative.

Selling your car does not have to be complicated. With the right research and by implementing some of these tips, you can see your vehicle’s value increase as well as the number of interested buyers.

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