Should I Fix an ATV Myself or Hire a Repair Expert?

If you love your all-terrain vehicle, you may be interested in taking on some of the maintenance at home. Perhaps you’ve already obtained some mechanical skills from working on your car, or maybe you want to learn more about wrenching by getting to know your quad bike, dirt bike or ATV. There are some parts of ATV maintenance that you can handle easily at home, while other options may be best left to professionals. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you’re working on your ATV.

Engine Efforts

If you are having engine trouble, you may notice the first signs yourself. Your ATV may have difficulty starting, or you may find it sputtering out as you off-road around. Perhaps you have purchased or inherited an older model and you are learning about how to fix your quad bike or other type of off-roader. Small engines have their own complexities. If you are not already familiar with engine work, repair or rebuilding of your ATV’s engine may be one of the best jobs left to a professional.

Routine Maintenance

It’s advised that regular ATV maintenance is required. There are a number of routine tasks that you can take on to keep your off-road vehicle in great shape. For example, you should regularly change the differential oil in your ATV. Too many riders leave old oil in place, which can eventually lead to serious damage and the need to bring in a professional. You also want to make sure that your off-roader is well-lubricated. Keep the clutch and brake cables lubricated over time with a spray lube. You can help prevent damage or frequent cable replacements when you lubricate twice a season. Your ATV also has an air filter to manage all the debris that can fly around in dusty, dirty off-road conditions. Dirty and clogged filters can lower mileage and reduce engine performance. Cleaning and maintaining the filter can keep your dirt bike running great.

Tire Troubles

If you have an ATV, don’t rely on an auto tire pressure gauge. It may well be inaccurate on your all-terrain vehicle’s tires. As a result, you may wind up overfilling your tires by up to 30 pounds of pressure, reducing your traction and increasing the risk of bouncing and serious accidents. Keep your tires inflated accurately with a low-pressure tire gauge, or turn to a specialized tire shop for replacements.

ATVs can be a lot of fun to go riding with. They can also be fun to maintain for people who enjoy working in the garage. Get started with your regular maintenance tasks to keep your off-roader in great shape.

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