How Advancements in Automobile Technology Are Changing the Way We Drive

Although the automobile industry has never shied away from implementing the latest technology, it has only to this day become one of their primary focuses. Up and coming automotive companies, along with customer demands, has introduced a variety of technologies that are now the standard within most new models. So, how much in technological advancements has the automotive industry seen within the last few years? The following list includes a few of those technologies that have transformed the way people drive their cars.

Safety Features

One of the most common features demanded by customers is within the safety area of a car. Abels & Annes explains that new cars have driver assistance technology that can keep drivers from making unsafe lane changes, stop the vehicle if the car in front of them suddenly stops, and can also warn drivers of impending dangers, helping to avoid car crashes. Parents are also taking the lead by making sure that new models are equipped with the right plugins for additional safety features such as dash cams and mobile apps that record the speed of the car. This has brought peace of mind to parents with teen drivers and has even led to a decrease in insurance prices.

Energy Efficient

Although full-electric vehicles are still a few years away, this has not stopped manufacturers from adding the feature to traditional gasoline-run cars. Today, the public can purchase vehicles that are part electric and part gasoline, thus protecting their wallets from the impact of fluctuating gas prices and even helps protect the environment in the process. Terrapass is hopeful, saying that as the years are progressing we’re seeing significant increases in ‘fuel efficiency’, as well as battery charge and lifespan of electric vehicles. As the years pass, these types of cars will become more affordable to the public. Recent projections state that by 2030, over 20% to 25% of the people in the United States will drive full-electric cars.

Smart Car Technologies

Long car rides and being stuck in traffic can be one of the most frustrating moments for any driver. This is why so many automotive companies are implementing as muchsmart technology within their models. Some of these include hands-free dialing and talking as well as adding easy to use navigational systems for music, GPS, and even to browse the internet. These technologies come with a word of caution though. The most common element in all auto accidents, as well as issues on the road, will always be human error. There are a number of accidents and problems caused by faulty machinery, but even those could have been prevented by having a more aware human check the machine, or be aware of the problems while handling them. As these technologies becomes smarter and more distracting, people will still have to keep their eyes on the road.

It can be confidently said that technological advancements in cars will continue to be developed throughout the next few years and beyond. Some of the brightest engineers today working on incredible tech that will no doubt blow our minds.

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