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10 of the Most Popular Bumper Stickers of All Time (& What They Really Mean)

There is no better way to show your political affiliations, religious beliefs or sense of humor than with a succinct bumper sticker or window decal sticker. You can show everyone on the road and in your neighborhood where your true affiliations lie.

Some stickers like the Ivy League college decal are fairly clear in their meanings. Others take some deciphering.

Here’s a quick translation of ten of the most popular bumper stickers. They will help you determine whether to give the vehicle ahead of you a wide berth or to catch up with them and give them the thumbs up.

1. Keep on Trucking

The owner of this car is probably an aging Grateful Dead fan.

This cartoon of the man with the huge foot has been popular since the seventies with hippy truckers and anyone fond of the long haul road trip. (See also “What a long strange trip it’s been.”)

2. Parental Avisory

Self Explanatory let em all no upfront this ride may contain explicit content

3. My Other Car Is a Porsche

When you see this bumper sticker on the back of a 2003 Honda Civic, you know the driver has a self-deprecating sense of humor. (If you see it on the back of a Cadillac on the other hand, the message is altogether different!).

4. Variations on the Stick Figure Family

We’ve all seen the nuclear stick figure family on the back of a minivan. But you’ve got to appreciate the comic variations, like the characters from Star Wars or the one where a T Rex is eating the stick figures.

Funny decals are one of the things that get us all through the dreary challenges of life like traffic jams.

5. Proud Mother of Blank

This parent is not a humblebragger-  they are out and out crowing! Of course, you should be proud mom when your kid does well in their ventures.

6. Baby on Board

So, because there is a baby on board please do not crash into us.

It’s OK to crash into cars carrying young children, adults and seniors-  just be careful of those vehicles with babies!

There are actually some pretty hilarious variations on this self-evident saying which will inject some humor into the warning (“Little Dude on Board”).

7. Semper Fi

The driver of this car is a Marine or the family member of one.

Salute as you go by, or give a thumbs up for their military service.

8. I Support the Second Amendment

This popular bumper sticker makes clear the opinions of the car’s owner on the issue of guns rights. No matter what your opinion on the subject, we recommend steering clear and avoiding road rage incidents.

9. Honk if You Love Jesus

If this driver is going slowly, they may think your automotive encouragement to speed up is a simple affirmation of Christ. Their good-hearted instructions might create some misunderstandings on the road.

10.  Make America Great Again

How could such a positive statement have become so controversial? Anyone with this sticker on their car is going to get a wide range of reactions.

Popular Bumper Stickers: Let ‘Em Know Where You Stand

The most popular bumper stickers are unapologetic in letting people know the position of the driver on God, country and their children.

For more fun facts on the effectiveness of great car and truck decals,  check out our blog.

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