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The Best Car Decals to Watch For In 2019

Road trips can be the most boring part of a day, the endless miles. But if you love being in your vehicle, then traveling down the highway isn’t boring.

Blaze past the other regular drivers with flair when you have custom decals on your vehicle. Some of the most popular stickers are unique ones you never thought you’d go for.

Share a little of your personality while you’re driving with the five best car decals of 2019. Check them out below!

5. Trendy

Use an en pointe sticker to give your vehicle a trendy boost. Support your causes and belong with the cool folks when you add stickers like Mama Bear decals or Jeep decals.

Military support decals also make perfect gifts for hard-to-buy dad.

You can also try something like “Stay weird” upside down, or a sticker that’s a little more adventurous, like a compass or one that says, “Wild.” The best kinds of decals show the world who you are.

4. Accident Repair

If you can’t afford to have the body work done on your recently-wrecked car, why not turn it into a joke?

If you have a large dent in the side of the vehicle but it’s roadworthy, add a decal. Try a footprint with the words, “Chuck Norris stepped here.” Or use a giant BandAid decal fix up an eyesore.

3. Three-Dimensional Decals

Think twice before installing the truck tailgate sticker that makes it look like you’re kidnapping someone. But a decal that looks like an anaconda is squeezing your truck? Yeah, that one’s pretty sweet.

Or what about one on the side of a car you hate, that makes it look like you’re riding a motorcycle? The coolest way to make the best of a basic car is to use a sticker to dress it up with something 3D.

2. Windshield Banner

The sportiest stickers are windshield banners. Tout your brand loud and proud, whether you’re Team Jeep all the way or your alliances lie elsewhere. From Tundra to Trans Am, Malibu to TrailBlazer, be loyal and show your colors.

You can also find windshield banners that endorse hobbies, not only brands. Try something like “Salt Life” if you’re dedicated to surfing, or Monster if energy drinks are your style. With custom decals, the opportunities never end.

1. Best of the Best Car Decals

The best decal is something from a movie.

Whether your back window shows Han Solo and Chewy from the back in the Millenium Falcon, or the outside of your car has stickers made to look like the glow lines from Tron, you can’t go wrong with a nod to a cult classic.

It’s an inside joke between you and the other drivers, and they’ll want to honk or wave to show how much they love your vehicle.

Watch out 2019

From trendy stickers and funny accident repair to 3D stickers, windshield banners, and movie decals, we love the new trends for 2019. The best car decals are the ones that flaunt your favorites to the world.

Choose a custom design and have it printed by Custom Sticker Shop today, and show who you are while you’re on the road.

Read more about how to get custom decals on our blog.

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