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Humor Us: A Guide to Funny Window Decals

Did you know that a good laugh can improve your physical and mental health?

After all, it’s proven to relieve your muscle tension while improving your memory and immune system. If you’re a funny person, you will live longer if you use humor to cope with stressful situations.

Do you want to share your funny side to random people? If so, what you need are funny window decals. It’s a great way to put a smile on people’s faces when they see your vehicle on the street.

Funny car window decals are often better than the normal family sticker common to most car stickers. Read on and learn what makes a good funny decal for your car.

1. Use Humorous Stick-Figure Family Car Decals

This is a classic choice if you want to set up a clever, humorous statement. You can use it to either explain your current situation in a funny manner. For example, if you’re a cat lady, you can put cat decals instead of a stick family to honor your fur balls.

You can use it to make an ironic statement. It’s a great way to make a parody of the classic stick-figure family decals most boring people use. Make it as absurd as possible-from angry dragons to spaceships chasing your stick-figure family.

2. Use Funny Statements and Quotations

Another good benefit of having a good sense of humor is developing better communication skills.

It helps you communicate difficult messages while reducing hostility. If you apply this principle to funny decals, you might want to use funny quotes and statements to humor people on the street.

You can give twists to the usual warning labels people paste to their cars. For example, you can put “Financial Burden on Board” instead of “Baby on Board” on your car window. It’s a type of wry humor that a lot of long-time parents can relate to.

Another good type of humorous car window decals is to use puns. While some people let out exasperated sighs upon hearing a pun, most find it clever and funny. There are a lot of puns out there that can relate to anything-from car puns to other obscure subjects that people still relate to.

Make sure that you stay away from sensitive topics when picking your humorous stickers. It’s better not to tread the turbulent waters of darker humor. Stick to lighthearted humor to make sure it’s for everyone.

Get Your Funny Window Decals Today!

Humor does a lot of wonderful things to our physical and mental health. If you want to brighten up a random person’s day, you can always use funny window decals. Pick your designs and don’t hesitate to choose the more outrageous ones.

Always remember that it’s common decency to keep the humor wholesome. That way, people see it as endearing, not offensive. Some people appreciate dark humor, but a lot of people don’t so keep that in mind.

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