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What are the Best Areas of Your Car to Apply Truck Stickers on?

What are the Best Areas of Your Car to Apply Truck Stickers on?


When you are looking to apply a truck sticker on your vehicle, it is always a good idea to pay attention to the placement first. Forgetting about it can be a crucial oversight that could mean that you end up with truck sticker that is unusable. Additionally, some kinds of graphics cannot be applied in some areas because they could obstruct your view.

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POW MIA never forgotten truck Window Decal Sticker


Before you get a truck sticker, take some time to evaluate the vehicle. We’ve made things easier for you by listing down some of the best spots for:
Windshield – Rearview
This is a favorite spot since it gives very clear visibility of the sticker. However, make sure that you aren’t picking a truck sticker that could obstruct your view. Doing so can make it dangerous for you to drive the vehicle safely. Luckily, you can have plenty of options for truck stickers on the windshield as glass is a great material to apply stickers on.
Front Side
This is another favorite spot for truck stickers since it offers you great visibility. Applying stickers here can also be slimming for chunky or boxy shaped cars. Keep in mind that you will have limitations in terms of designs since the area here is a bit smaller. Always measure this space before getting a truck sticker. The good news here is that you can get custom made truck stickers for the front side with ease.
Back Side
This relates to the tail of the car or the back body. It’s usually just under the windshield window. It’s the perfect spot for graphic designs that are large and that you cannot place on the mirror. Customization can give you be done here with ease but when you are shopping with a reliable truck sticker shop, you will find plenty of options to pick and choose from.
This is another safe and favorite area for many stickers but you will find limitations in terms of design. Bumper stickers are usually available in text base format but, if you can also get them customized. Again, pay attention to available space and dimensions. Some trucks can have wider or larger bumpers than others.
While you can apply stickers to the doors, make sure that it is centered and does not get cut off by the doors. If you want to apply a truck sticker that is spread across both doors, you will have to consider the little area of overlap that the doors will create. This could mean that you have to get two of the same truck stickers.
Side Mirrors
Since these play a role in helping you drive properly, you should avoid applying truck stickers on the rearview mirror. In some cases, you can get text based stickers but again, if it is affecting your driving ability, you should avoid it.

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