Dodge Dart Windshield Banner A2 – Dodge Decal Stickers

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 Select Size*  Size choice is at the longest side the opposite side will be proportionate

Select Color* Decals Have No Background the color you choose will be the color of the decal

Reverse cut check the box if you want the decal reverse cut to be installed on the inside of the window OR if you want the decal to face the opposite direction ( not available on all decals)

add text above or below –  This is Optional to customize the decal and will be in addition to any text already on the decal.

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Dart Windshield Banner A2 – Dodge Decal Stickers

Our Vinyl Decal Stickers are the perfect addition to your car truck van or suv. These large Graphics are sure to help you stand out amonst the crowd.
These decals are made from ORACAL 651 Series brand premium cut vinyl which is marine-grade and rated for 8+ years of outdoor use in harsh saltwater environments.
Our custom made decals are available in a variety of sizes, colors and fonts and are made right here in America.
Your order will arrive ready to install Delivered by USPS from our shop in Topeka Kansas.

We’ve mastered the process of producing, packaging and shipping custom decals on demand.
We create our products to Highest standards.

Quality Materials

Oracle 651 vinyl rolls


We proudly stock our inventory with Oracal vinyl.
The best in the business for reliability, variety and price.
We treat our customers to the kind of quality we’ve come to demand having many years in the vinyl sign making industry.


Efficient Production

Cutter plotter

We’ve accommodated our production process to handle the demand of a large

online market WITHOUT losing the quality you’d expect from a local sign specialist.




Easy Installation 

Application instructions

Clean Surface Area

To ensure the proper adhesion of your decal make sure to wipe it down for any excess dirt or oils. If you apply any liquid cleaners make sure the area is dry when done.

Measure & Align

Before you add the tape, align the decal to your liking using a tape measurer or ruler.

Tape Decal Down The Center

This installation method makes the decal easy to apply by separating the process into two parts. Simply tape down the center of the decal and proceed to the next step in the installation process.

Remove Wax Backing

Starting off on one of the sides carefully remove the wax backing from the decal. If the vinyl does not separate easily use a squeegee or credit card against the wax backing to lift the design into the transfer.

Cut The Backing

Once the design is carefully lifted into the transfer you may cut the backing and proceed to the next step.

Squeegee On To Surface

Apply pressure to the top of the transfer on to the surface so that the design sticks when the transfer is lifted.

Repeat On Other Side

Repeat the same steps above onto the opposite side.

Enjoy Your New Decal!

Have any questions? Need help installing? Check out our installation video
We are available to help you through the process. Enjoy your new decal!

Dodge Dart Windshield Banner A2 – Dodge Decal Stickers

Customer Reviews

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Good Quality For A Great Price! Works With Wipers, Too! PICTURES ATTACHED

Let me start out by saying that I have had so much fun just purchasing this one sticker. As simple of a decal that it is, I have enjoyed it being on my car ever since, since it's partially a form of expression for me. Of course, when I show my friends and family, none of them are as excited as I am about it.

Visually, the sticker looks great: font, styling, and color all pop out quite a bit. The accent adds quite a bit more to the car than I had expected.

Physically, the sticker is pretty solid. I was worried to test it out with my wipers for the longest time, since I got the second largest sticker they offered. However, they glide right over it very smoothly and haven't left any marks on it for the past month and a half that I've had it on there. I have not taken it through an automatic car wash yet (in fear of it coming off), but I usually hand wash my car regardless.

Application of the sticker was a little difficult due to its size, so definitely have someone help you out if you purchase the larger one. We wiped the windshield clean and dried it first before application, made sure the weather was decently nice (which it was slightly below the recommended temperature for application), and used a squeegee to apply it. The glue was decent: enough adhesive to keep it on, but not strong enough to fix itself on the windshield in case of misplacement or misalignment. We had some troubles with it sticking at first (probably due to the lower temperature that day), but with some firm application and time, it has stayed on for quite a while. Definitely do some geometrical measurements to determine where you're placing your sticker before application as well. That helped us a lot when placing it down. Also, the sticker curved very well with the windshield curve, making it align better than I was expecting.

All in all, for the price you pay for this sticker, this is a great product. I'd say it visually looks good enough to be seen as a market graphic rather than an aftermarket! I would prefer a tougher material, but for this price, it works just fine.

Overall, this product has worked great for me and for my Dart. Thank you for your work, Custom Sticker Shop! Keep it up! :)

Looks Great! thank you!

Looks Great! thank you!

Perfect! came with instructions and was easy to apply

Perfect! came with instructions and was easy to apply

I love this sticker!

I love this sticker!

Decal Information

  • Decals have no background
    the color chosen will be the color of the decals
  • Size is listed at the longest side
    the opposing side will be proportionate
  • Vinyl is High Quality USA 7 year outdoor sign vinyl
  • Application tape is pre-installed for easy installation
  • Installation can be done with the dry or wet method
    Please see our installation tab in the menu bar for video installation instructions