Bernie Sanders 2020 Car Window Decal Sticker

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✅ Made in USA by Vets
✅ Family Owned for over 17 years
✅ Easy Installation|
✅ Over 1 million decals Sold
✅ Decals have no UGLY background
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Awesome Car Widow Decal Stickers
Looking for Car Decals? You have found the best selection right here at Custom Sticker Shop. Not just limited car windows, you can use them on any hard smooth surface. Fenders, bumpers, mirrors, doors, tool boxes, ammo cans, your boss’s forehead whatever you like. Pick up few for your friends, but the vets here at the shop will.

  • Easy Peel and stick Installation
  • Google Trusted store with more than 1 million decals sold.
  • Made in USA by our Family Owned Business for more than 15 years
  • Decals have no background – The white Portion (or colors in the full color decals) in the above image is the decal, the black or dark color represents your window or surface
  • Decals Can Be installed on any hard smooth surface, window, body side panel, trunk lid, hood, laptop, mirror, tool box and more…
  • Size choice is at the longest dimension ( if the decal is a tall then the size selected will be top to bottom, if the decal is wide then the size selected will be left to right)
  • America Proud we employ both active and retired military keeping our Country Strong.
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Bernie Sanders 2020 Car Window Decal Sticker

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Customer Reviews

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Looks great

Ordered two peel & stick window decals. They are exactly what I wanted.
They applied easily to the outside of my windows. I was surprised they went on the outside but I also had a college decal that also went on the outside.
I’m very happy with their product!

Great design, worked with careful application.

I love the sticker, but did find that the die-cut pattern had been cut into the backing [wax] paper, so separating the two required some patience. This is the light blue backing that I speak of. As I was removing the mostly clear backing, the blue backing began to tear along the edge of the pattern instead of separating from the sticker itself. I managed to get the two apart, but noticed later that the pattern had been cut into the backing which resulted in the issue.

Great sticker -just wish it went on the inside of the glass

Great quality! I attached my sticker from inside my car to keep it safe from fearful trumpers who like to vandalize Bernie stickers. I had to trim the text from bottom of sticker so it wouldn’t be displayed backwards —and Bernie still looks great! The rest of the sticker is on my daughters school binder! Would love to buy these in sticky-front versions. Go BERNIE!!!


Easy stuff if you read the instructions. I left mine on for closer to 5-10 minutes before attempting to peel the top layer off the decal, since it was colder I think it took longer for the adhesive to set.

Bernie sticker

Great quality
Highly recommend

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