TURBO DOHC Decal Sticker

How to Successfully Remove Car Bumper Stickers

How to Successfully Remove Car Bumper Stickers

TURBO DOHC Decal Sticker
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As beautiful and attractive as they look, as time goes on, car stickers tend to wear out. Although, there are some great quality car stickers that will not disappoint, the majority of them with wear out. However, even if they are not worn out, there is a chance you are getting tired of looking at it on a daily basis. Whether you just want to get rid of your car sticker or you want to apply a new one on the same place, it is important to know the correct way to remove them.
If these car decals and bumper stickers are not removed properly, there is a high chance they will leave sticky, dirty residue on your most prized possession. In this case, the best thing to do would be to know and understand the ways you can successfully remove these car stickers.
Here are the simple tips you need to follow to remove your car Bumper sticker successfully:
⦁ Start by cleaning the car sticker (itself) and the area around it. In order to clean it properly, you will need to use soap water with a clean cloth or rubbing alcohol and water. After cleaning the sticker, you will need to start cleaning the area around it so you can get rid of all the grime around it. This way you will be eliminating everything that could interfere with the sticker’s adhesive as well.
⦁ You can use heat to successfully remove a car sticker. To take off your car sticker, start heating it up with your hair dryer. This way, the adhesive stuck on the car will start pulling itself away from the sticker, so you will be able to remove it easily. Another option would be a heat gun, but it is a risky option because it can ruin the paint done on your car. Hair dryers are less powerful, but they work just as well.
⦁ Start scraping from under the sticker. When the car sticker is thoroughly heated, you can start scraping from under the sticker with the help of a plastic card and begin peeling it away. In addition, you can also use the tips of your finger or a razor blade to take it off. However, keep in mind; you need to be careful when using a razor blade because it can scrape the car’s paint.
⦁ You can use glue removal products as well. Take a small amount of the glue remover and apply it on microfiber cloth. Apply it onto the glue reside and leave it for a minute. Then, start rubbing it off with soap water and repeat the process as per need.
⦁ Clean the area again to get rid of the remaining dirt. Lastly, you need to make sure you are washing the area properly, drying it up, and waxing it. Waxing will allow make sure you have cleaned it properly and it will provide protection for your car.

With these tips, you will be able to remove car stickers easily! If you want to get your hands on the best car stickers, make sure you check out Custom Car Decals!

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