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How to get sticker residue off

How to get sticker residue off

We have all been there. Had a decal or sticker on our car and now it time to remove it to either sell or trade in our car and Boom we are left with a dilemma. How to How to get sticker residue off glass.

Well lucky for you I have the perfect solution.  If the one of the car decals is on the glass its easy.   Just follow a few easy steps.

1.) Wait for a warm day like above 85 degrees outside if you want the sticker glue to come off easily.

2.) Use your finger nail and flick up a corner of the decal or edge of the sticker.

3.) By this point you should be able to pull most the decal completely off.

4.) Now all that is left is the residue and you want it off.  On the glass spray either Windex or a glass cleaner with ammonia in it.

5.) Spray the residue heavily with the ammonia base cleaner and then rub gently with a paper towel in a circular motion.

6.) The Sticker residue will start to ball up and stick to itself.  completely remove the balled up mess.

7.) Once all the residue is removed clean the glass with a new clean paper towel or newspaper and you are left with a nice clean window ready for a new Decal lie maybe a Windshield Banner or maybe you ahve room now for one of our Fishing Decals

If you are removing the residue to add a fresh new decal sticker keep us in mind for your replacement, if you are trading or selling the car GREAT.  We will see you back in a few days to help you dress up your new ride with some of our awesome decal stickers.

Brain S.

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