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How and Why to Use a Baby on Board Sign Decal Stickers

How and Why to Use a Baby on Board Sign Decal Stickers

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Having a baby brings an exciting and joyful feeling. But as with everything major in life, it brings in a set of responsibilities in all aspects of your life, from the very big to the mundane and everything in between.
This also includes your driving!
If you have a child that is 6 and under then you must take every precaution while driving with them. Of course, safe driving is a given in every situation but you have to be extra careful when your little ones are with you in the car.
Here are some tips on putting a Baby on board sticker/sign on your car:
Why you need to put it
These stickers are really important as they inform other drivers nearby that you have children in the car and they must be careful in driving around you. It helps in alerting people not to drive in a haphazard way. I
f unfortunately there is an accident, it can also help the emergency services to locate your children or get some extra help for them. There have been cases where an accident occurred and there was a ‘baby on board’ sticker and the paramedics rescued the baby immediately after seeing the sign.
Baby on board stickers were started out by a German man who was driving his baby nephew home and the traffic was crazy. People were driving past left and right and that put a lot of pressure on him while driving. He was constantly making sure the child at the back was safe and at the same time driving ahead.
Therefore if you want to have at least some sort of peace of mind driving then a sticker telling others about your child will reduce the chances of people driving badly around you.
Plus if the other drivers are parents themselves, they would know the importance of driving safely around as well and know how important it is.
Where to place the sticker
Baby on board stickers are usually put at the back of the vehicle so that drivers behind you ca directly view it. But some people also like to use a small one on one of the windows as well to alert any drivers on either of the sides of the infant in your car.

Make it fun
There are tons of creative ways to show that there is a baby in the car. There are cute ones like these:

Baby on Board Pebbles decal sticker

Mickey Mouse Baby on board decal sticker

Baby in car window decal stickers

Hangover Little Dude Baby On Board Sign

And then there are sassy and in-your-face types like these as well.

BABY UP IN THIS BITCH Vinyl Window Decal Sticker a2

baby up in this bitch decal sticker

There are some that you can use your love for a particular show or movie.

Baby Groot Pot Decal Sticker

Peter Pan Baby on Board Decal sticker

Baby on board Minnie Mouse Decal sticker

To remove or not to remove
It is completely up to you to remove these stickers after the kids have grown up but some people still keep them since they want to be surrounded by careful drivers at all times.
Do you want some cool baby on board stickers for your car or want a customized one made especially for you? Head over to our Baby on Board Category to see more

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