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Ford GT – Performance, Price, and Photos

The GT is a modern take on a 60s racing icon, one that humbled Ferrari at Le Mans. It returned around the turn of the century to celebrate Ford’s centenary

If you’re going to celebrate a birthday, how would you do it? Ford decided for their 100th anniversary they needed something special. So special, that they revived a name that had been absent for 36 years: the GT40. The end result was the Ford GT, the first true street-legal supercar from the blue oval ever.

Using the pedigree and heritage of their Le Mans-winning GT40, the Ford GT is essentially the modernized vision of the iconic racing car. With only 4,038 of these American legends made, seeing one in the flesh is a true rarity.

The first-gen Ford GT was a success and inspired Ford to create a second generation for the 2017 model year. Although the second-gen Ford GT is a technological marvel, it doesn’t hug the heartstrings like its predecessor. The first-gen Ford GT is like being in a 1960s dream where the sound of a V-8 rumbling heart, was the only thing that mattered.

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