Beginner’s Guide to Picking the Right Car Window Sticker

Picking a car window sticker can be a very fun experience. There are so many options, designs, colors and themes to pick and choose from that it all too easy to get caught up in this process. On the other hand, there are a few practical things that you need to focus on.

We're All Mad Here Alice in Wonderland Window Decal Sticker
Were All Mad Here Alice in Wonderland Window Decal Sticker

If you forget about them, it can mean that you end up with a car window sticker that you’re not 100% happy with or have trouble applying. To make things easier, we have made a small beginner’s guide to help you pick the right car window sticker.
Pick out the Area First
First things first, you need to pick out the area where you will be applying the car window sticker. Will it be the rear window? The side mirrors or any other area of the car? Focusing on this allows you to pick out proper stickers that won’t look odd.
Additionally, some stickers are designed particularly for use in a certain area. For example: Car window stickers designed for side mirrors are sometimes reversed. This makes them unusable and unreadable in other areas of the car.
Pay Attention to the Measurements
Always pay attention to the measurements of the car window sticker. This allows you to save yourself from disappointment. Images of the stickers might portray them as bigger but you should look at the actual description for the details. Measurements of car window stickers can range from a windshield banner decal starting at around 18 inches wide to small decal starting at a mere 3 inches.
These measurements are not always based on the design. The area that they are meant to be used in can also make a difference here. Without paying attention to this factor, you might end up getting surprised by the car window sticker that you get in the package.
Make Sure it Doesn’t Impair Visibility
It is fun to use car window stickers but always make sure that the sticker is not impairing your visibility in any manner. When applying it on your rear window or on side mirrors, make sure that you apply them properly. If you just paste them to the window, you can end up creating blind spots.
These blind spots can end up being a potential for hazard as they can mar your driving ability. While no car accident has ever been attributed to car window sticker visibility impairment, it’s a good idea to avoid being the first one who does it.
Pick Something that You Resonate With
When picking a car window sticker, the options might make you confused. Should you get a funny pun or a logo or image of your favorite music band? The choice lies completely on you. However, it’s a good idea to pick a sticker that you resonate with.
Do you like your pets? Then you can easily pick and choose from various animal decals. Are you a fan of superheroes like Batman or Deadpool? Then you can find car window stickers of their logos or phrases. The best choice here is to shop with Custom Car Stickers. They have a huge collection of car window stickers that are perfect for you!
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