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6 of the Coolest Truck Graphics You’ve Ever Seen

Have you ever wanted to play a prank on your friends on a road trip? One of the best pranks involves a great deal of luck.

First, you need to find a semi-truck being towed – because they tow them backward. Second, your shotgun passenger needs to be asleep. Pull up behind the truck and start to scream!

As an alternative to pranks, look around for funny truck graphics. See if your mates can spot pickups and semis with more creative designs than these six!

1. Pepsi That Starred in Wicked

This Pepsi truck decided to have a bit of fun. They didn’t show Pepsi stacked up inside or just having their logo on it. Instead, they went for something eye-catching.

The outside shows the Pepsi stacked on the ceiling as though it is, in fact, defying gravity.

Maybe the graphic design team loved the show Wicked. Or they realized how cool it is to see something that shouldn’t work. Either way, the forklift driver will have a heck of time unloading.

2. The Smart Car That Wanted to Be a Bike

This could surprise you in any number of situations. If you drive past it on the highway, it may make you laugh. Wait, do Smart cars go that fast?

Approaching it in a dark parking lot might terrify you. If the person in the car didn’t match the person on the graphic, that would be a shock too.

3. Snake! Snake! Snake!

The local zoo had some fun with this bus. And the artist did truly amazing work. It looks like the snake is crushing the bus.

A brief warning, if you are scared of snakes, then don’t click here to see the amazing graphic.

4. Patriotic Decorations

One way graphics make an impressive design for many reasons. Of course, being able to see through them out of the car makes them useful, but they can keep others from snooping at the inside of your vehicle too.

And patriotic logos go hand-in-hand with pickup trucks.

5. This Truck Graphic Is a Bad Idea

Let’s just all agree on what a bad idea this graphic makes. As pranks go, the people who may key your car dwarf the section of the population laughing.

Plus, a vindictive ex could turn this into actual legal trouble for you. That’s not to say it isn’t funny, but it isn’t smart.

6. Mixed Messages

It’s funny to see a FedEx semi delivering a couple of UPS trucks. But as advertising goes, you may want to steer clear of advertising for your competitor.

Still, it’s amusing and cool to look at.

Go Make Your Mark on the Road with Truck Graphics

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