What You Can Do to Keep Your Car Running for a Long Time

Did you know that routine maintenance is the key to keeping a car in the best shape possible? Learning maintenance is a great way to keep older cars performing like newer models. These days, older cars can be found on the road running as smoothly as the day it left the dealer lot. According to the Kelley Blue Book, no car can have too much maintenance. However, it’s also best to learn about the different car parts and what should be serviced by a professional.

Service Your Vehicle Regularly

Most car owners realize getting a tune-up and oil change at least once a year can extend the life of a vehicle. Those who frequently drive their cars long distances should stay on top of service recommendations. If you bought a used vehicle with high mileage, it’s highly advisable to get routine service at least once a year. Services should include fluid check, tire rotation, and replacement of filters. Additionally, it’s important that you don’t ignore warning indicator lights when they come on to prevent serious problems.

Drive Calmly

Even though some love to zip through traffic, or feel the need to do so, constant speeding and hard braking bring wear and tear faster. Speeding not only takes a toll on the tires but makes it easy to lose control of the vehicle. Brakes can malfunction without warning and some emergency brakes aren’t easy to access while driving. Besides getting a traffic ticket, you’re also likely to cause an accident and injure someone.

Learn How to Monitor and Remedy

While it’s inexpensive to get fluids changed by a professional, knowing how to look for leaks can save money. The same applies to low tires, squeaky wiper blades, or anything that’s relatively small. If more than one person in the home is driving, a tire inflator is economical and more reliable than the gas station air pumps.

Staying on top of auto care pays off in the long run. The best thing a car owner can have is a full-service mechanic that’s honest and reliable. Charging low prices means nothing if they don’t address other existing problems. Look around for someone who’s knowledgeable and highly recommended. If you have a foreign or specialty vehicle, make a general mechanic your back-up when the specialist is unavailable. By getting regular maintenance done and paying attention to your vehicle, it will keep running for years to come.

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