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Team Spirit: Popular Sports Window Decals to Support Your Team

Ah, sports. It’s perhaps one of the few things today that bring diverse groups of people together, forming a sense of community. You may not agree on politics or cultural values with your neighbor, but you know well enough that you’re both, say, New England Patriots fans.

Sports fandom establishes a sense of community among disparate groups. And there is no better way to establish yourself as a member of that community with sports window decals!

Here are some of the most popular team window decals available.

1. The New York Yankees

The New York Yankees have a storied winning history that has generated quite a large bandwagon of fans. Being situated in the most populated city in America sure doesn’t hurt either.

According to a YouGov poll, 40% of Americans say that the Yankees is the most popular team in America. And with a market valuation of $3.7 billion, it’s hard to argue that the Yankees aren’t.

If you’re a fan of the boys in pinstripes, why not slap a Yankees decal on your truck?

2. Green Bay Packers

If the Yankees are the high-class, moneyed sports franchise of America, the Packers are the blue-collar, scrappy team. Situated in the far less extravagant Green Bay, Wisconsin, the Packers have always been the rough and tumble team. They may not win as much as the Yankees, but they frequently get the job done.

The Packers fandom is also unique in that many of their fans are also co-owners of the team! And we stan a cooperatively owned business! If you’re a diehard Cheese Head, check out our Packers window decals!

3. The Alabam Crimson Tide

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and the Crimson Tide competing for a College Football Championship. Headed by Nick Saban, the Alabama Crimson Tide has become one of the most dominant sports franchises in recent history.

Alabama always manages to land the best 5-star recruits and no matter how difficult their schedule is, they always seem to finish undefeated.

All of this winning has created quite a large fandom – there’s even an Alabama merchandise store in Israel! However, you don’t have to go all the way to Israel to get a Crimson Tide window decal.

4. The Dallas Cowboys

Hate ’em or love ’em, Dallas Cowboys Nation is without a doubt the largest fandom in the United States. After all, everything is bigger in Texas, especially when it comes to football. The Cowboys currently have a market valuation of $4.2 billion, making it the most valuable sports franchise in the world.

If you want to show off your membership in this community of superfans, check out our Cowboys decals.

Looking for More Sports Window Decals?

These are just a few of the most popular sports teams in the U.S., so if you didn’t see your team on this list, don’t fret. If you want sports window decals for your team, be sure to check out the rest of our sports decal selection!

We’ve got so many more teams available for your perusal.

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