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Sticking to the Deal: Here’s How You Can Use Car Decal Advertising to Your Advantage

Have you ever been sitting in traffic, drumming your fingers against the wheel, and noticed an interesting or funny decal or bumper sticker on the car in front of you?

Everyone notices stickers and makes judgments about the driver based upon them, which is exactly why they are an invaluable marketing tool.

Want some cost-effective and efficient advertising? Look no further than car decal advertising. By the end of this article, you’ll be designing your perfect sticker.

1. Cost

Decals and stickers alike are both inexpensive. Car decals run as low as $4.99.

When you compare this to the average cost of any marketing tactic, the savings are obvious. Even better, however, an entire team devoted to reaching customers isn’t necessary, meaning employers don’t have the additional costs associated with payroll.

Just think: a 20-vehicle fleet of business cars could receive decals for $100.

2. Visibility

On top of the low cost, the visibility decals offer is a priceless advantage.

The inexpensive nature of decals means businesses can purchase them for their fleets, employees, partner companies, customers and more. With a fun design and the right experience, anyone (even a customer) might add the decal to their vehicle.

Because of the extensive use and because vehicles are used for transportation, numerous individuals see your company name.

3. Branding

With an effective design, decals create emotions viewers associate with your company. They are a creative way to share your company’s values, goals and products. Thankfully, creating custom stickers is easy and inexpensive.

Strut your stuff with cool decals that hint at your company’s style, whether it’s witty and daring or powerful and serious. If it’s innovative, individuals will talk about it.

3. Sales

The increased visibility and branding leads to boosted sales. As more people notice your brand, they create connections with your company. When your business wows them, they are even more inclined to purchase from you.

As word spreads, your business gains more customers and (as shown by Apple’s and Android’s price differences) are willing to pay more for your goods.

4. Added Support

More than likely, your company already has a marketing endeavor underway. If so, adding car advertising stickers to the mix reinforces the ideas you’re portraying.

The combination makes your company’s name more memorable because individuals see it on the roads, see it in ads or hear it on the radio.

5. Long-Term Marketing

Most marketing tools can’t be reused later down the road. The company changes its logo, switches focus or the marketing product’s life is too short.

Car stickers and decals, however, last for years. Marketers can recycle them in future campaigns and extra stickers can even be used on items beside cars, saving you more money down the road.

Car Decal Advertising: Inexpensive and Creative

Car decal advertising is inexpensive and provides a creative way to reach customers.

You can create the perfect sticker to represent your company. Just email your design to us and we’ll make it a reality.

Next time you’re sitting in traffic, staring at the bumper in front of you, stop to wonder what you’d like to see. It might just give you the insight you need for your own perfect company sticker.

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