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Made to Order: Here Are Some Awesome Ideas for Food Truck Graphics You Should Look Into

The food truck trend has been around since 2008, and it’s still going strong. The value of the food truck industry is projected to hit $996.2 million by 2020 – a $135.9 million increase from 2015.

Consumers love convenience, and food trucks provide just that. What’s better than your favorite restaurant changing locations at will? It provides a sense of adventure and surprise that can’t be matched at a brick and mortar establishment.

Of course, with the popularity of the industry comes a lot of competition. With 4,130 food trucks out there, you have to make sure your food truck graphics are on point to stand out.

To check out some cool food truck graphic ideas, continue reading below.

Front Food Truck Graphics

The front of the food truck may not be as important as the other sides, but it is part of the package. You want customers to be able to understand who you are and what you do from a distance.

Keep this side simple, but make sure to have your name somewhere. Make it high contrast – with the background a contrasting color from the logo – to make it easily readable. You don’t have a lot of space to work with here. A custom text windshield banner decal might be a good idea.

Side Food Truck Graphics

The side of the food truck – specifically the serving side – is what customers see the most. That make is the most important side of the food truck.

You don’t want too much distracting detail on the serving side, so keep it simple and make it accentuate the window. On the other side, you can get crazy with the details. Make sure that it fits in with the entire theme of the truck.

Rear Food Truck Graphics

The rear of the truck should not be neglected. Customers need to understand your business from all sides.

Since the rear has more room than the front, you can use it to really accentuate your logo. Consider some illustrations that communicate what your brand is about.

You can also put all your important information here. Contact information like email, website, social pages, and phone numbers would be perfect. Anyone driving behind you will get a chance to jot it down at a red light.

Window Food Truck Graphics

The most functional part of a food truck’s exterior is its window. It’s the portal through which the food truck staff communicates with the customer.

This window not only has to look great, but it should make sense. Customers shouldn’t have to struggle to understand what your food truck has to offer. Make sure the design is attractive, but not messy.

Find Food Truck Graphics

Planning out your food truck graphics can be challenging, but even the best plan is limited by the quality of the execution. No matter how amazing your design is, you need a great graphics company to see it through.

Custom Sticker Shop has been working in the graphics industry for over 20 years. Don’t forget to check out our reviews. You can contact us for any of your food truck design needs.

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