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Jeep Decals to Show Your Jeep Some Love

The newest model of the Jeep Wrangler was purchased a record 27,829 times in March of 2018 alone. With that many Jeep-lovers, it’s safe to say that Jeeps are one of America’s most beloved vehicles.

Jeeps have a signature look that you can’t get anywhere else. Why not celebrate its rugged appearance with some awesome decals? Here are some Jeep decals that’ll make your Jeep stand out from the rest: 

1. Jeep Beer Decal

Do you love both Jeeps and cracking open a can of crisp beer? Then this clever Jeep Beer Decal is perfect for you. 

This decal features a simplified image of a Jeep’s grille below a reversed Jeep logo. When the Jeep logo is reversed and tweaked it a little bit, it spells out “beer.” 

2. Weathered American Flag Decal

If you’re one of the 18.2 million American veterans, or if you just want to express American pride, check out this Weathered Flag Decal. It features a distressed American flag and comes in a variety of colors. At 14″ x 30″ long, this is one of the most patriotic Jeep hood decals around.

3. Jeep Girl Infinity Decal

Jeeps aren’t just for guys, you know. That’s why it’s important to show the world that you’re a female driver and a Jeep-lover for life. 

This Jeep Girl Infinity Decal is a simple infinity sign with the words “Jeep Girl” beautifully integrated into the symbol. Rock it anywhere on your Jeep in several colors and sizes.

4. Jeep Wrangler Side Graphic

Looking for some Jeep Wrangler graphics? This decal will definitely make your Wrangler look like an offroader.

It’s designed to look like your Jeep just had mud splashed all over its sides. That being said, this is a pretty large decal–it’s made to be stuck on the side of your Wrangler. 

5. Jeep Life Decal

This is one of the best Jeep windshield stickers to buy if you want to show some love for your Jeep. It sticks on the top of your windshield and reads “Jeep Life” in rugged-looking letters. A silhouette of the Jeep grille and its logo sits between the two words.

6. Jeep Guns Decal

Have you been searching through countless Jeep stickers for one that represents your support of the Second Amendment and your love for Jeeps? Look no further. This Jeep Guns Decal looks like a typical Jeep logo, only the “J” and the “P” are replaced with two pistol silhouettes. 

7. Sometimes Lost Never Stuck Jeep Decal

Out of all the decals for Jeeps, this one pretty much sums up the mentality of Jeep drivers. It reads: “Sometimes lost, never stuck,” with a Jeep silhouette in the center of the phrase. While you may find yourself fumbling for your GPS from time-to-time, you definitely don’t have to worry about getting stuck on any type of terrain. 

Looking for More Jeep Decals?

These aren’t the only Jeep decals we have–from window graphics to hood stickers, and body decals, we offer a huge variety of unique Jeep stickers. You’re bound to find something you love when you check out our full inventory of Jeep decals


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