How to Clean Your Jeep Stickers and Truck Decals

Jeep stickers or truck decals are made to last for years. However, it is necessary for you to maintain them a bit as well. Covered in dust, grime, water and other materials, the decal or sticker will end up losing its color or wear out much faster.
Additionally, it can make you feel sad to see a discolored jeep sticker or truck decal as it will ruin the look of your vehicle. The good news here is that you can easily clean them. Now, cleaning jeep stickers and truck decals needs to be done with care.

All Lives Splatter stick family Jeep Window Decal Sticker
All Lives Splatter stick family Jeep Window Decal Sticker

In fact, improper cleaning methods can also cause harm to it. If you want to clean the sticker, you should pay attention to the following helpful tips:
Pay Attention to the Material

Not all jeep stickers and truck decals are made from the same materials. Some have are made from vinyl, some from carbon fiber and more. The finish will also make an impact on the sticker’s durability. Paying attention to this factor is necessary so that you can work out a proper mode to clean it.
Some materials such as plastics might not respond well to being wiped or cleaned with water. Also, pay attention to the adhesive used. Static pressure decals will not be difficult to clean. Some glue stickers might lose their stickiness if cleaned improperly.

Avoid Strong Cleaners
Never use strong cleaners that are meant to help clean surfaces. The vinyl and carbon fiber used for truck decals and jeep stickers is different than the ones that cleaners are made from. If you use heavy duty cleaners on them, the sticker or decal might actually get damaged.
Additionally, the strong cleaners might also harm the surface of the car which will be a very costly thing to correct. Pay attention to the kind of cleaner you are using, the quantity as well as the strength. To be on the safe side, you should use a weak dish washing soap solution.

Use a Damp Microfiber Towel
When you need to scrub at the sticker, avoid using a paper towel. These can start to disintegrate from the moisture and will end up leaving residue on the stickers. Instead, use a slightly damp microfiber towel.
These are specifically designed to catch all particles and residue. For the maximum results, apply a drop of dish washing soap to the damp towel. This will help to clean the jeep sticker and truck decal without causing any harm to it.

Make Sure it’s Good Quality
To avoid unintentionally causing damage to your jeep stickers or truck decals try to always get good quality ones. The best ones are made from durable materials, high-quality printing and have excellent finishes. This ensures that you are able to clean them without any worries. Durable jeep stickers and truck decals can last the slight cleaning session without getting harmed.
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