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Girl Power: The Best Jeep Girl Decals For Her

We’ve learned by now that gender stereotypes can be harmful to those of all genders. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be proud of your gender and love things associated with your gender!

If you’re a girl, and proud of it, consider showing that off with some decals for your car. And if you’re a girl who’s also proud of your jeep, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve got a list of Jeep girl decals that will show off your feminine side while staying true to the car you love.

1. Look Pretty, Play Dirty

Let’s go back to that gender stereotype topic we brought up earlier. Many people, mostly men, think that girls should look pretty, clean, and put together. But jeep girls know that it’s all about looking great while getting down and dirty with the boys.

How many times have you marveled in awe over your beautiful Jeep when it’s covered in mud and grime from an off-roading adventure? Play up how you break stereotypes with a decal that says it all: Look pretty, play dirty.

2. Jeep Life

Jeep owners know that owning a Jeep isn’t just owning a type of car. It’s a whole culture and lifestyle that comes along with it.

The good news is that you have plenty of decal options with the “Jeep Life” phrase because it’s so common! You can get a windshield decal, a bumper sticker, decals for the side doors, etc.

Play up your feminine side by getting it in a custom pink or purple color. Or, if you’re still feeling like breaking stereotypes, go for forest green or red.

3. Self Proclaimed Jeep Girl

This article is for those of you who are Jeep girls, so why not get a sticker that says exactly that?

As with “Jeep Life”, you can find a ton of “Jeep Girl” decal options. They can be generic, so spice it up with different colors, or custom design your own decal to make it really special.

4. Jeeps Are for Girls

It seems that we have a theme here: breaking stereotypes. Trucks and Jeeps used to be a “man only” thing. Well, move over boys, because Jeep girls are here to stay.

Say that to everyone you drive by with a decal that says, “Silly boys, Jeeps are for girls!” It comes complete with a bit more feminine script writing along with the classic strong and bold Jeep logo font.

Jeep Girl Decals: Which Will You Choose?

Hopefully one of these awesome decals will spark your feminine side along with your Jeep-loving side. Don’t forget that you can customize any of these Jeep girl decals to fit your exact style, or you could even make your own exactly how you want it!

Ready to buy? Head on over to our shop to find high-quality decals. If you want some more decals besides ones for Jeeps, you can find almost any decal theme out there in our shop too: from skulls to guns, we’ve got it all.

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