7 Stickers You Need Post-Fender Bender

Car accidents can create financial strain such as medical bills, property damage, and time off of work, and (naturally) the cost of repairing the vehicle. But if the vehicle still gets you from A to B and you don’t have unlimited financial resources, it may make more sense to live with the body damage as best you can. A well-placed and humorous bumper sticker can help to ease the pain and amuse passersby at the same time, as these seven stickers show. Which one of them would work best to distract from the fender bender on your vehicle?

Yours May Go Fast, but Mine Can Go Anywhere

It may hurt your pride when a shiny new sports car zooms past your beat-up vehicle, but this sticker’s a reminder to all that your car’s ready and able to take on any obstacle and that you’re not scared of a couple of scratches. Just make sure not to get yourself stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.

Negan and Lucille

Get fans of The Walking Dead thinking that your car’s damage was courtesy of its bad guy and his infamous bat rather than getting sideswiped by an SUV at the supermarket. Also, teasing the possibility that you survived a zombie attack gives you swagger points.

How Calvin Feels About ISIS

If your car looks like it’s been through a war after a fender bender, what better way to show that you’re above it all than displaying the defiant hero of Calvin and Hobbes doing what he does best all over ISIS?

Back Off Bumper Humper

Are you tired of drivers creeping up on your back bumper? This sticker warns them off in no uncertain terms, as well as hopefully making them think twice about what might happen if they get too close.

Hulk Smash

Tell the world that your car took on a giant green mutant bent on destruction and won. Or you can make people think that within your car’s battered exterior lies the soul of a giant green monster bent on destruction. Whatever your story, this sticker will help tell it. Besides, you can never go wrong with having a big green fist on your car.

If You Can Read This, Roll Me Over

It shouldn’t be a life goal to end up in an upside-down car, but if it happens at least passersby will know what to do if this helpful sticker is on your car. Also, you can provide entertainment by people trying to read its upended printing while on the road. Hopefully, this won’t be the driver, as there are already too many distractions competing for their attention.

Nobody Cares About Your Stick Family

We’ve all seen them on countless back windows–those annoying decals of Daddy and Mommy Stick Figure, with accompanying kids and pets. Other than being mildly disturbed about the number of kids and pets being repped, nothing proclaims your indifference better than this sticker stating the simple truth. Just resist honking your horn as you drive past the modern-day Noah’s Arks.

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