7 Reasons Decal Stickers are here to Stay

7 Reasons Bumper Stickers are here to Stay

Back when there was no social media and the internet was just about checking your e-mail through a basic dial up connection, there were bumper stickers. That’s right, the rectangular shaped stickers that everyone had on their cars, doors, skateboards, surfboards and basically everything they could get their hands on to express their creativity.
Their popularity dwindled a bit but now they are back and everyone’s loving them. Here are 7 reasons why bumper stickers are here to stay and will never get out of trend:

⦁ They are sassy, edgy and fun Pass you I will Yoda JDM Stickers - https://customstickershop.us/product-category/jdm-stickers/
Bumper stickers have the ability to attract attention easily from others. They let you express yourself whichever way you want and make the object that they are stuck on somewhat embellished.
They make it look more personal and reflect your personality to others as well.






You can stick them anywhere
Although originally designed and intended to be stuck on cars, they can be stuck on a variety of things such as laptop, refrigerator, office desk, helmet, skateboard, files etc.
The world is your oyster when it comes to expressing yourself through bumper stickers. Some people even create collages of bumper stickers on their cars or on their walls.


Barracuda 50 year badge decal sticker
Barracuda 50 year badge decal sticker

⦁ Promotional marketing
Bumper stickers serve as an excellent way of promoting your brand. If they are stuck on cars then imagine how many people can view your brand’s name every day. They can also be stuck on doors of shops that allow you to promote your business or message boards in various places as well.

They help in maintaining some distance
Bumper stickers work really well in making cars maintain a proper distance on the road. Not that they are the sole reason to keep your distance but they serve as a friendly reminder to others and even yourself that you need to stay a bit back.

⦁ They promote a cause you believe in
Are you an animal rights activist? Do you care about climate change? Are you affiliated with a political or religious group and want to exercise your right of freedom of expression?
Then there is a bumper sticker for it. As long as it doesn’t involve any hate speech against a particular group of people then you can easily and freely express yourself using them.

They are funny
If there is one thing that can put a smile on your your face and make you chuckle while driving, it’s a funny bumper sticker. You can’t look at billboards all the time since you are viewing straight ahead, so bumper stickers never fail to catch your attention.

2nd Amendment Flag Full Color Decal Sticker
2nd Amendment Flag Full Color Decal Sticker

⦁ They are informative
Bumper stickers can help others know about the car’s occupants such as kids, pets, senior citizens or student drivers so that other cars are extra careful while driving around you.

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