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6 Reasons Customized Stickers Can Help Promote Your Business

6 Reasons Customized Stickers Can Help Promote Your Business

For decades, Decal stickers have been one of the crucial building blocks of any successful marketing strategy. From political campaigns to brand building, they have been there every step of the way to create buzz and hype.
If you are a business or brand that hasn’t invested in stickers to promote yourself before, then you are missing out.

Here are 6 reasons a sticker marketing strategy can be great for your business:

⦁ Old school yet still bangin’
Stickers might be old school for many but guess what? They are still thriving like never before. It’s true that most of the marketing has shifted online and now there are a multitude of platforms to promote one’s business with such as social media or adwords.
But stickers go beyond the online realm and provide something tangible. There is this realness to them that digital stickers can’t provide. Stickers are there in your face, easily accessible and have a presence.

⦁ They show you mean business
When someone sees your customized business stickers, they would instantly think that you mean serious business. It will truly reflect that you are a brand with a serious marketing strategy. It will also show that you are investing in your business in all aspects and are proud to show it off.

⦁ Offline marketing at its best
Stickers are one of the best offline marketing strategies one can have. This is simply because you can stick them anywhere and everywhere be it in a file, folder, car, door, window, etc. If they are there in plain sight, they are doing their job. People can’t be logged on to their social media all the time, and so this is where the stickers come in.

⦁ They work as great promotional gifts
When you are at a business fair or exhibition, be sure to include customized stickers in the giveaways so that people can use them and promote you at the same time. Use a catchy quote, slogan of your company and a beautiful logo and people will more than likely stick it somewhere.

⦁ Keeps customers loyal
If you already have an existing and growing customer base, then be sure to send them stickers along with their next use of your product or service. This will reinforce the idea in their minds of why they chose you and they’ll keep coming back for more.
Studies have shown that customers that have received promotional products like pens, cups and stickers, etc. of a brand are more likely to remain loyal to it in the long run or at least return to the service once.

⦁ Affordable
You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a billboard or a social media campaign when you can have stacks of customised stickers made at an affordable price. You just have to know where and how to place them to get your marketing game on. Customized stickers are both direct and subtle and the way you use them can drastically improve your chances of standing out as a brand.

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