3 Tips for Taking Your Jeep Out This Summer

It’s summer and you’re itching to get out in nature to explore. If this sounds like you, and you’re a Jeep owner, then the chances are that you have a little off-roading in mind. Go out there and have some fun, but, before you go, read on to learn three tips to keep in mind while taking your Jeep out this summer.

Prep Your Jeep and Pack Your Tools

It’s going to get rough out there, so plan on doing some tuneups before you hit the road. In addition to making sure that your jeep is road-ready, you should also decide if you want to keep your jeep top on or take it off. Whether you have a hard- or soft-top jeep, taking the top off can make your summer off-roading adventures more enjoyable. Because it can be difficult to remove, it’s recommended that you get help or use a hardtop lift to remove and store it.  Now that your jeep is prepped, you can pack your tools. 

Keep your Jeep close and your tools closer. Always keep an emergency supply kit in your Jeep. Include items like a spare tire, jack and jumper cables. Don’t forget to throw in some protein bars to keep yourself fueled during an unexpected breakdown. This comes in handy for emergencies as well as when you need to do some general maintenance on your vehicle.

Minimize Road Time

Minimizing your road time is all about preparation. Plan your route ahead of time and know your exact destination. Do your best to coordinate with traffic and weather projections to avoid congestion. Believe it or not, the roads are more dangerous during the summer months than at any other time. Therefore, be prepared for potential flooding caused by rains. You’ll also need to be aware of aggressive drivers and heavy traffic. If you really want to get to your destination as fast as possible, opt out of stopping for gas and secure gas cans in your vehicle. Be sure to follow proper safety guidelines for transporting gas in your vehicle. Save even more time by bringing plenty of food so you do not have to visit a rest stop.

Use the Buddy System

The buddy system is not just for Boy Scouts and mass emergencies. This is a proven method for safety that even off-roading adults need to use. Do not go on this adventure alone. Bring an actual buddy and look out for each other. Not only will this make your trip safer, but you will also have more fun. In addition to your travel buddy, be sure to let a few friends or family members know where you will be. Considering that you will be somewhat off the grid, it is ideal for you to be accounted for, especially if you lose cell phone service.

Going off-roading in your Jeep can be a really fun summer activity, but it’s important to be safe and adequately prepared for emergencies when doing it. Hopefully, now that you are armed with knowledge, you’ll feel empowered to optimize your off-roading fun factor without sacrificing your safety. Now, go out into the wild and enjoy yourself!

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