3 Things You Must Check When Buying a Car

Purchasing a car, regardless if it’s new or old, is a big investment as it requires a lot of financial planning. However, the price of the car isn’t all that you should be looking at. When buying a car, it’s crucial that you make sure you’re not being sold a dud. Continue reading to learn three things you must check when buying a car.


One of the first things you should always look at when buying a car are the airbags. Airbags are what ultimately prevents us from flying out of the windshield and sustaining heavy injuries to our head and chest. Airbags can come out in any kind of accident, but they usually come out during head-on collisions. Head-on collisions make up 2.5 percent of all traffic accidents. That percentage may seem small, but that still comes out to a lot of accidents.

The History

This is mainly geared toward people who are looking to purchase a used vehicle. Knowing and understanding the past history of the vehicle is important. If the seller doesn’t tell you what the car has been through, do not buy the car. If this is your first time buying a used car, you might not know what to look for or what questions to ask. 

Here is what you need to ask: 

  • How much mileage does it have? 
  • Has it needed to be repaired, and if so, how often? 
  • Has anything been replaced such as engines, wheels, and car seats? 

If the buyer tries to shy away from giving these essential details, then this is a clear sign that you shouldn’t do business with them. It’s also recommended that you don’t do business with off-the-record dealers and strangers from an advertisement. They’ll try everything in their power to rip you off and give you a vehicle that barely functions. Lastly, if you see a deal that’s too good to be true, then avoid it at all costs. Stick with the licensed car dealers.


Always make sure to look for potential leaks. Any kind of leak is an indicator that the car is in need of repairs. Open the hood of the car and see if there are any signs of a fluid leak. There are a few types of liquids to look out for. If the fluid is black, then that means the car is leaking oil. If the fluid is yellow, pinkish or green, then the car is leaking antifreeze. Finally, if the car is leaking a red substance, then the transmission is leaking. Regardless of the leak, it will become a massive issue if it’s left unrepaired. Not only is it reckless to drive with a leak, but it’s also incredibly dangerous.

Buying a car takes a lot of time, planning and thought. It’s not a process you can rush, so don’t jump at everything that catches your eye, whether it’s the design of the car or the price of it. Take things slowly, ask the right questions and perform an inspection to ensure that you’re getting the perfect vehicle.

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