3 Aftermarket Accessories You’ll Want to Use Your Insurance Payout For

After a car accident, a driver relies on insurance payouts from the at-fault party’s insurance company to make needed repairs. However, according to SJG, some insurance companies have a reputation for dragging their feet on the payout. If the other insurer is delaying your payout, be persistent and contact your insurance company to help with the process. Often, the other party postpones paying in hopes that you settle for a lower payment. Do not give up your rights unnecessarily. After paying for the repairs, you may have money left over. It’s wise to use this surplus to purchase aftermarket accessories to give your ride a boost.

Dash Camera

A dash camera is an excellent aftermarket accessory that will make your driving experience safer. A dashcam carefully records the road in front of you while the car is running. According to Automobile Association Developments, dashcams are useful for providing evidence of the events of a car accident. They can help prevent insurance fraud and can even be used to record road trip memories. If you are involved in a car accident, dashcam footage can be used to prove that you are not at fault.

Aftermarket Collision Avoidance System

Installing an aftermarket collision avoidance system is another excellent safety enhancement. According to Lindow Insurance, aftermarket collision avoidance systems make use of camera and radar-based systems that detect other cars to avoid or reduce the severity of an accident. Most aftermarket collision avoidance systems come equipped with a dash-mounted console that uses audio and visual warnings to alert the drivers of a potential collision. Some aftermarket collision avoidance systems include forward collision warning radar and lane departure warning systems. Other systems include blind spot sensor kits that inform a driver of when another car is sitting in the blind spot.

Custom Stickers

Whether your vehicle was repaired after an accident or you received a replacement car, new stickers are a great addition. New stickers can help add more personality to a new or restored ride. At Custom Sticker Shop, you can find fully customizable prints that are great for any vehicle. Our stickers can be customized with both text and images. Best of all, we use high-quality vinyl and professional digital print vinyl that can withstand UV light and weather. This high-quality vinyl ensures that your stickers will remain on your vehicle for years to come.


These three aftermarket accessories can both make your vehicle safer and give it a touch of personality. After you’ve recovered from a car accident, you’ll get back on the road with a vehicle that is safer and more personalized than ever.

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