10 things to consider when buying a new decal sticker for your car or truck

Adding a decal sticker to your car or truck is pretty straight forward and simple.  You do a google search for something that interest you.  You look at the design that different companies have to offer and you buy it.

All sounds simple and easy right? We maybe not so much.  You see many people just jump on a order and do not take into consideration what they are buying.

The guide below gives you 10 things you should cons cider before clicking that add to cart button.

  1. Size – Size of the decal is very important.  Many website including our list the item at the longest side, what that means is if a decal is perfect square the height and the width will be the same or close.   If the decal is a tall decal then the height (top to bottom)  it was you are choosing and you guessed it if the decal is wider, then the size you are choosing is width ( left to right).
    Also many times in it not easy to get a concept in your head of the size.  For example a 5″ Inch decal is about a inch shorter than a dollar bill.  Will that be big enough to convey the message you want for your decal stickere?
  2.  Color –  Color is a big factor to think about.   If you have dark tint on your windows ordering a dark color Decal Sticker may not be the right option.  White, Silver, Yellow or other brighter colors will stand out and have better visibility on dark tinted window.
  3. Standard cut or reverse cut – Many sellers allow you to choose a standard cut and have the option for reverse cut.  Standard cut is just that it is designed to go on the outside of the window and be displayed proudly.   Reverse cut.  Reverse the decal so it is cut in reverse and installs on the inside of the window and still look correct when viewed from the outside.   Be careful with reverse cut, if you order the decal reverse cut to be installed on the inside, and your windows have dark tint.  The decal may not be easily viewed from the outside.
  4. Adding custom text – Some sellers like Custom Sticker Shop allow you to add text above or below the decal.   This can be very convenient if you want to convey a personal message or display you business name.
  5. Type of Vinyl – There are many brands and types of vinyl, each having there own longevity and specific use. We exclusively use Oracle Brand 651 Outdoor marine grade sign vinyl.  This type has a long outdoor life span and applies easily.
  6. Company Reputation – Lots of individuals sell on popular sites like Etsy, Ebay or Amazon.  These are great platforms for hobbyist.  The issue that seems to arise a lot of the time is these platforms have a high turnover rate and many of the sellers are not there for long and finding them again can be difficult.  If you purchase a decal sticker you love and find the quality and workmanship of a high degree, you do not want to go back and the seller is no longer on the platform.  We pride our self in being in business for over 22 years and have shipped over 1 million decal stickers worldwide.
  7. Shipping – There are many sellers who offer a super cheap shipping option.  This type of shipping most generally means the order is put in a plain white envelope and shipped to you through the postal system with no way to track or confirm delivery.   While this can be a good option for the seller, the buyer many times gets left holding the bag.   National average is 1 in 10 non tracked flat mail items are lost or mis-delivered.  Choose a company that offers tracked service either through USPS ( postal service) UPS (United Parcel Service) or Fedex ( Federal Express) This will insure a smooth delivery in most cases from start to finish.
  8.  Reviews –  Find a company that has good product reviews.  Be sure these reviews are from real people, a website or platform with 100% positive reviews should be a red flag.  No website or company is perfect so all legitimate companies will have a few not so pleasing reviews. Lets face it no one is perfect and mistakes happen.  It is also impossible to please everyone all the time.
  9. Installation –  When browsing a website or platform, be sure the seller provides good installation instructions.  I know I know I know it is just a sticker how hard could it be.  Well a lot of factors work into the ease of installation.   Many times warm and or cool weather temperatures differences from when the decal is made then shipped to another state or even country can cause the vinyl to shrink or swell slightly enough that it makes the decal sticker more difficult to install.  Please read or review any videos or documentation that the seller provides.  This will dramatically increase the likelihood of a clean smooth installation of your new decal sticker.
  10. Finally HAVE FUN – Decal stickers are made to be fun and help make a statement.  Browse through many designs until you find the perfect one for you.

All in all searching, finding, customizing and purchasing your next decal sticker should be a fun experience.  Opening the package when it is delivered should put a smile on your face and make you eager to install and show it off.

Brian S

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